17 August 2012

Finished: Darkest Addictions

Neyra over at Darkest Addictions came to me for a blog makeover. Here's what she wanted:

♥Colors Preferred: Black & Turquoise with little accents of purple

So, no immediate theme was stated, but having been a loyal follower of Neyra's blog since the day I started book blogging, I had a pretty good idea (or so I hoped) of the kind of design she had in mind. Neyra sent me a few pictures of what she would like and what kind of background she wanted and I took that and stepped it up a notch. Well, cause I'm bishhy and I can't do plain for the life of me.

Without further ado, here's her blog design :) What do you think?

           *Click on the banner to take you to Darkest Addictions*


  1. I love Neyra's design Ana..it's all Dark & Sexxy..perfection as always ;)

    1. Isn't it? Def dark & sezzy. It screams Darkest Addictions xD