09 January 2013


Yepp, that's right folks. Bishhy Designs has moved. We are no longer with blogger (our decision, as much as we love blogger, we needed to spread our wings a bit) We are now a .com so you can find us at bishhydesigns.com Go ahead and click the banner to take you to our new site :)

21 October 2012

We're Moving!

Lol Yes, Bishhy Designs is moving. In the title post you've probably realized that is says "We're" rather than "I'm" Well. There's a good explanation for that. I've recently brought on a partner and have expanded Bishhy Designs. I'll be revealing my new Partner-In-Crime soon enough. Well, in December. 

come December, Bishhy Designs will become a .com BUT we will not be using blogger anymore. Nor will we be using WordPress. I'm in the process of designing the layout for the new site & once that gets up and running, I will leave a link here on this page to direct all new/old customers to the new site :) 

Like I said, we're expanding the business. So expect more than just blog designs :) 

09 September 2012

Finished: Book Lovers Hideaway

Donna over @ Book Lovers Hideaway wanted something dark but not too dark. We discussed a bunch of different designs. We went from full blown paranormal and then jumped to historical romance. But we finally settled for an Urban Fantasy type theme, but nothing too dark. So that totally ruled out any darker colors. I kept black (because you can't do dark without black) but added a very light color along side it. It's not exactly a bleeding red, but it's light and it makes the design less....dark.

Without further ado, here's her blog design :) What do you think?

           *Click on the banner to take you to Book Lovers Hideaway*

17 August 2012

Finished: Darkest Addictions

Neyra over at Darkest Addictions came to me for a blog makeover. Here's what she wanted:

♥Colors Preferred: Black & Turquoise with little accents of purple

So, no immediate theme was stated, but having been a loyal follower of Neyra's blog since the day I started book blogging, I had a pretty good idea (or so I hoped) of the kind of design she had in mind. Neyra sent me a few pictures of what she would like and what kind of background she wanted and I took that and stepped it up a notch. Well, cause I'm bishhy and I can't do plain for the life of me.

Without further ado, here's her blog design :) What do you think?

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11 August 2012

Finished: Salacious Reads

Sharonda over at Salacious Reads requested a blog design. Here's what she said she wanted...

     ♥Colors: Black/White/Red
     ♥Theme: Sexy, Salacious
While I was working on Sharonda's blog design, I was thinking... "hmmm.. sexy... how do I make this blog scream sexy?" and then it hit me! When I first started blogging for my book blog I remembered a Dirty Little Secret meme post from Sharonda (the questions was something along the lines of if your blog crew were a pack, what animal would you choose...etc) And I distinctly remembered her answer being cheetah, because cheetahs are fierce and SEXY!

So, that's how I got the whole sexy part down. :)

What do you think? :)

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